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Romsdal  glamping



Would you like to spend the night in an unusual and special place?


Would you like to fall asleep hearing the current of the river


 wake up with birdsongs and the sound of

 giant trees around you?


Then you are most welcome to Romsdal Glamping!


We offer two glamorous tents in a beautiful, peaceful place by the river Rauma. In addition, we also have two cabins up in the mountains which are availble for rent.


Summer is the ideal time for glamping - a new type of tourist delight with great and growing popularity worldwide. In addition, being in nature is one of the best ways to get away from a stressful everyday life. We offer a glamping experience in two glamorous tents in a beautiful and peaceful place by the river Rauma.

Glamping by  river Rauma

 Arctic Dome tent (6m)
for 2-4 people
D r e a m  D o m e   t e l t
( 5 m )
for  2 - 4  personer
Luna Bell tent (5m)
for 2-4 people
Dream Dome_edited_edited.jpg

What is glamping? Many have a nostalgic memories of the tent life from childhood and the excitement of adventure in nature: when you spend the night in a tent and make bonfires, you feel connected to the free and simple life, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Glamping and outdoor activities are the easiest ways to relax, have fun in good company or have an unforgettable weekend with the family. With accommodation in tents you get relaxation, the opportunity to enjoy nature, breathe fresh air, go fishing, light a fire, have a barbecue by the fireplace and think about life. And, in addition, sleep warmly in a soft bed and wake  up with birdsong and sunshine by the river.


T r e t e l t
Sov over bakken - ved elven   
Og opplev en helt spesiell overnatting i naturen :) 

Sov over bakken og opplev en helt


spesiell overnatting i naturen :) 


Det er en fantastisk frihetsfølelse og en ny opplevelse av naturen å tilbringe en natt i luften over bakken :) 


Du vil våkne til synet av bakken under deg, litt som en Robinson Crusoe har gjort i sin tid :) 


Våre Tentsile Stingray 3 Camouflage :) er en tretelt for tre personer.


Teltet har fastmontert myggnett, inngang gjennom morsom luke i gulv og dør på siden.


Telt spennes opp mellom trærne med sterke stropper, så du kan sove trygt hele natte.

Cabins in the mountains 


Stølen Nord 55 kvm

for 4-5 people

Tverråa Sør 25 kvm  

 and annex 12 kvm

for 3-7 people

We have two cabins up in the mountain in the Vermedal area. These two are separated by about 5 km apart. The cabins are located in a fantastic valley with a nice river and small ponds and lakes. Clean water, fresh air, calm and peaceful time - is what you get here. Here you can see moose, deer and other wildlife.

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